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ONZO operate Worldwide and understand the challenges from different marketplaces.

Different utility types

Large, Small, Investor Owned, Co-ops, Municipals. We serve utilities of all shapes and sizes.

Competitive and regulated

ONZO understands the differences between the competitive and regulated markets. We can tailor our product to help you solve your specific challenges.

Key Challenges Our Customers Face


In competitive markets retaining customers is crucial to profitability as well as having low acquisition cost. ONZO can help utilities build a better relationship with their customers and differentiate from competitors.


In order to meet the increasing energy demand of consumers, utilities need to innovate when balancing supply and demand. ONZO can help utilities identify those customers that could participate in demand response and help personalise the messages for better results.

Increasing the
Value From
Smart Meter

Billions are being invested worldwide to rollout Smart Meters, utilities need to find sustainable ways to get a return on this investment.

ONZO’s Solution

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What do ONZO do?

ONZO is breaking new ground in utility data analytics. By transforming big utility data into real insight, we help companies in the energy space understand how each customer uses energy on a personal level. This insight can then be leveraged to improve customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, while increasing revenue and operational efficiency. We believe the energy sector works better when utilities and their customers work in unison. Through our insight, they can.

Through many consulting engagements with utility companies, ONZO has established a set of core needs that utilities will have to meet, in order to compete. Our product is being deployed to leading companies and some of the largest utilities in both the UK/EU and the US. We are backed by leading Private Equity firms and our vision for the future is utterly gripping.


Our partnership with ONZO will enable us to add significant value to the data from our energy solutions and allow utilities and energy service providers to deliver new solutions such as in-home sensors and energy management capability directly to their customers.

Andrew Thomas, Executive Director, EDMI Australasia

We recognise that a load disaggregation solution offers compelling new insights both for utility customers and their utility providers. We are pleased to be working with ONZO to assess this new technology.

Rafael Jahn, Technology Manager at Laborelec

The combination of ONZO’s advanced analytic skills and ElectraLink’s use of industry market data will enable us to launch further offers over the coming months, so as to provide the industry with the information and insight to further improve their operations and provide better service to their customers.

Gavin Jones, Business Development Director at ElectraLink

ONZO’s systematic methodology and data science expertise has given us an unprecedented level of consumer insight at a truly personalised level.

Bart Beekhuizen, Greenchoice

Case study – Greenchoice

Greenchoice are the leading energy supplier in the Netherlands who supply 100% renewable energy, which is sourced securely from local and traded generators.

ONZO are working with Greenchoice on their BOKS product which is transforming the way Greenchoice communicate with their customers in their mobile app.

BOKS, using ONZO’s analytics, helps their customer’s identify which groups of appliances are using more energy than others and enables them to plan and take action to manage their energy bill better.

Check out their TV Adverts on the right. In case you can’t speak Dutch they say “BOKS from Greenchoice shows you the consumption of all your appliances, and challenges you to make savings”

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